OVBS (Orthodox Vacation Bible School)

Every year during summer vacation time, bible classes are conducted at our church. This vacation classes that are arranged continuously for 10 days, gives entertainment and helps to boost the spiritual knowledge of the children in the church.

Ettu nombu (8 day fast)

Every year from September 1st to 8th, the church which is dedicated to mother St. Mary, celebrates the 8 nombu with great faith. Peoples from every sections of the society irrespective of their caste and religious faith, comes to attend the ceremony with prayers and receive blessings. Every day during the fast, in the morning, Holy Qurbana is conducted and on the 8th day, the day of Nativity of Virgin Mary, Holy Qurbana is conducted followed by the nercha payasam (distribution of blessed food).

Parumala Padhayathra (Walking pilgrimage to Parumala)

Every year on November 1st morning, a Padhayathra is conducted from the church premise to Parumala church where St. Gregorios of Parumala (who is the first canonized saint of Malankara Orthodox Church) rest in peace. Members of the church and peoples from all sections of society participate in the padhayathra with prayers and reaches parumala church by evening. The devotees then submit their prayer at the sacred tomb of the saint and receive blessings. On the next Saturday evening, special prayer is conducted at the holy shrine which is build in the name of St. Gregorios and on Sunday morning holy qurbana followed by special prayer for intercession and nercha vilambu (distribution of blessed food) is conducted.

Christmas and New Year

Every year, during the time of Christmas, Christmas carol is organized. The carol group visits each house of the church and gives the message of the birth of Jesus Christ. The carol is organized by the youth movement and managing committee. On Christmas eve, special programs are conducted by the youth movement and on December 25th morning, the church celebrates Christmas with holy qurbana followed by cake sharing. On December 31st evening, evening prayer followed by special vigil prayer and mid night mass is observed to welcome the New Year.

Aadya Phalam (Festival of first fruit)

Every year the festival of Aadya Phalam is celebrated during the first week of January. Members of the church participate in the function with their offerings (farm products). They also participate actively in the public auction of these offerings that follows.

Palli Perunal (The great annual festival)

Every year on January 15th, the church celebrates its perunal (annual festival). Gospel convention meeting is conducted for two days followed by a colorful and holy procession (Raasa) that covers a wide area around the church attended by hundreds of peoples. On the final day Holy Qurbana is conducted followed by the Nercha Vilambu (distribution of blessed food).